Three Floor

Launched in 2011, London based contemporary brand Three Floor caters to all closet chameleons with diverse designs and unexpected detailing. From feminine silhouettes to dramatic styles, Three Floor produces an eclectic collection under the creative direction of Yvonne Hoang. From the beginning, to the middle and end, each piece is inspired and designed to impart an everlasting impression.

Lustworthy Three Floor styles have been worn by the fashion world’s elite including Kendall Jenner, Jamie Chung, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jolin Tsai and IntheFrow’s Victoria Magrath.

0 1626_girl-interrupted-maxi-dress.png
Three Floor

Girl Interrupted Maxi Dress

od 340 zł Wartość: 2.080 zł
0 1625_black-riot-girl-jumpsuit.png
Three Floor

Black Riot Girl Jumpsuit

od 295 zł Wartość: 1.890 zł
1 1623_peach-daydreaming-mini-dress.png
Three Floor

Peach Daydreaming Mini Dress

od 250 zł Wartość: 1.450 zł
0 1622_black-mini-elfie-dress.png
Three Floor

Black Mini Elfie Dress

od 210 zł Wartość: 1.260 zł
0 976_on-point-dress-vilnius.png
Three Floor

On Point Dress

od 295 zł Wartość: 1.535 zł
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