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Lisa C Bijoux

Jade Bijoux

  • Jade Bijoux
  • Jade Bijoux
Jade Bijoux
Jade Bijoux

Lisa C Bijoux

Jade Bijoux

13.00€ Rental

172.00€ Value

Delivery and Return dates
Add 4 dresses (2 dresses with their backup sizes) for 4-day rental and be charged only for one dress (the most expensive dress is charged). If you wear a lower rental price dress, overpaid money is returned to your bank account. If you wear two or a few dresses you will receive additional money request.


Aukštis: 17cm.
Ilgis: 18cm.
Grandinėlės ilgis: 48cm.
Plotis: 4.5cm

Pastelinės žalsvos spalvos, švelnaus audinio paviršiaus delninukė priekyje dekoruota stiklinėmis akutėmis. Su ilgesne metaline aukso spalvos grandinėle.

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